Ashley Pittman

Ashley Pittman


Sales Associate, Administrator


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Hi Ya’ll! I’m Ashley Pittman, your dedicated central Nebraska Realtor and experienced Real Estate Administrator. Combining my in-depth administrative knowledge with a passion for helping clients, love of creative marketing, I am excited to offer you unparalleled guidance in your journey to buy or sell real estate.

My duties involve managing the administrative aspects, document control, marketing, and daily office operations. This experience, coupled with my past business roles, has equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the real estate process from various angles. I'm eager to leverage this knowledge to provide efficient and top-notch service to our team and clients.

Before joining Stracke Land & Realty, my career was diverse and enriching. I've worked as a Document Control Technician, Calibration Technician, and a Brand Inspector. This journey took a new turn when my husband and I ventured into entrepreneurship with our trucking business. Each of these roles has honed my skills in organization, attention to detail, and customer service – all crucial in my current roles.

Life outside work is a blend of hobbies and family time. We're a close-knit bunch who love our pets, horseback riding, big trucks, and assisting family with their cattle. Our evenings often feature fixing trucks, movie nights and savoring perfectly cooked steaks at home. On a personal note, I have a passion for fashion, interior design, crafts, plants, and participating in horse shows whenever possible.

I look forward to applying my skills, passion, and experience to serve your real estate needs with the same dedication and enthusiasm that I've always had. Let's SELL or BUY some real estate!

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