John Miller - Sales Associate

John Miller

Sales Associate

My name is John Miller. Before acquiring my realtors license, I worked in the education profession for 37 years teaching and coaching.

My wife, Sandy, and I were living in Lincoln when we decided to move back to Stuart, NE. Since moving back, Sandy teaches and coaches at Stuart Public School, and I work for Stracke Land & Realty while helping coach various athletic programs at the school.

Spending over 31 years living and teaching in Chambers provided us with so many great memories of this area, and we have a lot of respect for the people that live here and in the surrounding counties. When the decision was made to move back to Stuart, I wanted to do something different than education but still hoped I could be in a profession where I would be in a position to help people. I was offered that opportunity by Stracke Land & Realty to become a realtor and assist people in finding them a home, land or business. I took my realtors test in July of 2018 and started working shortly after. Just like with teaching and coaching, I get to work with and help people, just in a different capacity. I enjoy what I do, and I would look forward to helping you with any and all of your real estate needs!



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