Kellyn Kilmurry - Sales Associate

Kellyn Kilmurry

Sales Associate

Hello, my name is Kellyn (Olberding) Kilmurry, but most people call me “Kellie." I have been a Sales Associate with Stracke Land & Reality since early 2018.

I was born and raised in Stuart, NE, only leaving to attend college then returning to my hometown to settle down in 2014. After getting married in the fall of 2018, I moved north of Atkinson, NE where I live with my husband, Wes, and daughter, Edie, on my husband’s family ranch. 

I have had a love for real estate, architecture, and interior design for as long as I can remember. Therefore, becoming a member of a real estate team was a perfect way to engage my passion. As a sales associate, I can assist in selling a home as a seller’s agent or I could assist in buying a home as a buyer’s agent. What I love about being a real estate agent is the relationships you form with your clients. Every client is different in what they are looking for, and I want to accept that challenge. To me, forming a great relationship with a client includes open communication and an understanding of each other’s expectations. I want my clients to know that I will do the necessary work to achieve OUR goal. I have found that real estate is not as glamorous as HGTV portrays it to be, but that is why I am here: to assist in all the frustrations and celebrate in all the accomplishments!

When I have time, I enjoy being outdoors on the ranch, camping at Fort Randall, and playing sports. I also enjoy anything that involves crafting, watching movies, and reading a range of topics from politics to romantic comedies.



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