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Common questions about selling your property in Nebraska

What process do I go through to list a property? 

a. Contact one of our Land & Property experts.

     i. Set up a time to meet and discuss your property. 

     ii. Discussion topics can include your goals, property value, selling features, target buyers and marketing strategy.

b. An agent will walk you through the listing paperwork to guide and ensure you understand the complexity of selling your property.      

c. Our agent will market your property to reach the greatest number of potential buyers and represent you in all offers received to look out for your best interest. 

How did you get your suggested listing price? 

a. Agents will compare your property to other properties in the area that are on the market and recently sold. As well as consider unique selling features of your property. 

b. We will work through this process and go over it with you to make sure we are in an agreement, and you are satisfied with moving forward. 

How will you market our property?

a. Properties will be marketed by the listing agent as well as our brokerage. We utilize our website, social media, local newspaper ads, radio, MLS (extended online network including 21+ online sites) and our extensive list of personal connections throughout our brokerage.  Properties will be marketed until closed with the necessary status changes made throughout the process (For Sale, Sale Pending, Sold).

b. Photography, Videography, Drone Footage, and 3D Tours are available. 

c. We have a full-time marketing creator on staff and our agents are all seasoned experts and are prepared get your property in the publics view. 

How long will it take to sell my property? 

a. Properties vary.  The market, the listing price, and preparation for showings are just a few of the items that will determine how long your property is on the market.

b. Once we have a fully executed purchase agreement, it depends on the terms of the agreement and its contingencies.  If financed, typically a lender would like 30 to 45 days to process depending on if Buyer(s) are pre-approved. 

c. Rest assured we have contacts within the professional community that we work with on a regular basis, and we will assist you to ensure a fully executed, correct closing in a timely manner.  

What to do when the property has an accepted offer, and its status is Sale Pending? 

a. While the property is Under Contract/Sale Pending, our Agent will help the Seller(s) to keep the closing on tract.  They will follow up with lender during the loan process, order any required inspections, order the title/deed and much more to keep the closing on schedule. 

b. The seller(s) can start preparing for the day of closing by making arrangements for packing personal items to ensure everything is moved prior to the closing day.   

c. The day before closing the Seller(s) are responsible for preparing the house for a Buyers Final Walk Through, gathering all keys, door openers, key codes, and manuals to arrange for the Buyer

Common questions about buying a home or property in Nebraska

What do I need to do before I start looking for a property? 

a. To begin the process, contact a mortgage lender of your choice.  They will gather your employment, income, debts, credit scores, etc. to pre-approve you to help determine the best loan program for you. 

b. If you do not have a lender, contact one of our agents who can refer you to a professional mortgage lender.  

c. Once you’ve been pre-approved contact one of our agents to start your property search. 

How long will it take to buy a property? 

a. There are so many variables that factor into how long it would take to close on a property.  Some of them include: 

    i. Have you already been pre-approved?

    ii. What are your contingencies in your offer? Such as home inspection, termite inspection or a due diligence period.

    iii. Are you purchasing the property with cash, 1031 exchange money or a mortgage loan?

    iv. If financed, there will be requirements after appraisal, underwriting, etc. from the lender.  

    v. The closing and title company will need to do a title search and prepare the closing documents. 

b. Our agent will represent you and help guide you through the process to make it smooth and rewarding. Rest assured you’ll be confident in making these decisions.

 Will repairs be required to purchase the property?

a. You as the buyers could request repairs when submitting an offer which you may include in the purchase price or else in addition to the purchase price.  

b. Repairs will depend on the type of loan you are applying for as well appraiser requirements. With an FHA, USDA-Rural Development or a first time Homebuyers Loan the property will need to meet the requirements for the specific loan program.  

c. Most common required improvements include: scraping and painting peeling paint on house or outbuildings, fixing broken gutters, installing handrails, electrical repairs, repairing foundation issues, replacing/fixing roof, etc.  The appraiser will determine the list of required repairs at the time of the appraisal appointment. 

d. If there are required repairs that are needed to be done prior to closing, your agent will help negotiate with the Seller/Seller’s Agent along with contacting local service providers to get you quotes and lining up the repairs.  

e. Your agent’s expertise will help guide you through the process and assist to proceed in a timely manner.     

I’m ready to submit an offer. What does that entail?

a. With the expertise of one our agents, they will prepare the offer and guide you so it is done professionally because it is a legally binding document. 

b. The agent will help you with the details such as purchase price, earnest deposit amount, personal property included, contingencies, inspections, closing fees, and any other specific details you may have that will need to be included in the offer. 

c. Once you have signed the offer, your agent will submit to the Seller/Seller’s Agent to present to the Seller(s).  The Seller(s) will accept, decline, or submit a counteroffer. Your agent will explain all the details regarding each movement of the transaction and help guide you in a successful negotiation period.  

d. Make your purchasing decisions with confidence knowing that our agents are experts in their field. 

What if the property I’m interested is listed by another Real Estate Company or a For Sale by Owner?  

a. We can help you purchase ANY property, even For Sale by Owner properties! Just ask and we can assist you. 

b. Our agent will represent you in the buying process as a Limited Buyers Agent and act in your best interest.  

c. Your agent will contact the Seller or Selling Agent on your behalf to line up a showing and help guide you through the buying process.  

d. Purchasing real estate is usually one of the largest investments you will make so be sure to seek professional guidance with one of our agents.

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