Nebraska Land

Nebraska Land

Nebraska Land

Considerations to make when Buying or Selling Nebraska Farm, Ranch, or Recreational Land.

Nebraska Location, Location, Location. Surprised this is first on our list? It seems like a no brainer but there are many factors to consider when choosing land in North Central Nebraska. Is the land in close proximity to strong markets, does it have availability to roads, if not can it can be easily accessed in the future?  Do you require to be in a certain proximity to villages, cities, or towns? How available do essential services (medical, school) need to be?  

Soil quality. Whether you are farming or ranching the soil quality will play a large role in the success of your sale or purchase.  Utilize the lands natural characteristics. Soil testing and analysis of the property can provide valuable information when assessing land values. Take into consideration the past use of the land, evaluate the condition of the land, its fertility, drainage, and erosion potential. Use the land as it's best intended. Utilize the hills, valleys and water - get to know the topography. 

Water. Is it available and is it a reliable resource for irrigation, livestock, and other farming needs. Consider the presence of groundwater, wells, rivers, and irrigation districts. Water plays a crucial role in farming and ranching operations as well as sales of each. 

Nebraska's climate. Nebraska has a continental climate, characterized by hot summers and cold winters. Consider how the climate may effect the crops and livestock you intend to use. If your selling the climate proves to be well suited for crops and livestock, a wonderful selling point. North Central Nebraska averages 25.9" of precipitation in rain and/or snowfall and the temperatures can range from -1 to above 98. 

Familiarize yourself with local laws, zoning regulations, and any restrictions that may affect the use of the land or potential expansion plans. Check the property for easements, land-use restrictions, and any other relevant legal factors that could affect your plans or land use rights. 

Current and future economic trends should be evaluated. What are you going to produce? Do these factors fall in your favor: prices, demand, competition, and are there an potential risks or challenges specific to the Nebraska agricultural industry? 

Evaluate the facilities on the property. Barns, buildings, storage facilities, fences, and their access to utilities. Determine if there are any repairs or upgrades that are necessary.   

Gather information regarding the past farming/ranching practices that were on the land. Practices you may want to take note about could include crop rotation, pesticide or fertilizer user and any potential environmental concerns. This information can help you make informed decisions about the soil health and possible remediation needs. 

Take into consideration Nebraska's natural resources and abundant. diverse wildlife. Nebraska land offers many opportunities for hunting, fishing, wildlife conservation, camping, horseback riding, canoeing and the list goes on. What role does wildlife play on your Nebraska Land? 

In all Nebraska property transactions take into consideration your budget and evaluate the financial aspects of purchasing and maintaining land. Consider not only the initial cost but ongoing expenses such as property taxes, insurance, maintenance costs, and operational costs. 

What can the Nebraska Land become? You have a vision let Stracke Land & Realty assist you in making that vision a reality. Each property is unique and special from your standpoint. Share with us what you envision for the land. Let's highlight what your property is and can become. 

Stracke Land & Realty can provide you with valuable guidance regarding your Nebraska Land. From evaluations to sell or finding the perfect property we can help you throughout the entire process. Let our 45+years of experience and knowledge of rural North Central Nebraska speak for itself, call an agent and put us to work for you!

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