+/- 18.85 Acres, Holt Co, NE




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Hwy 281
O'Neill, NE  68763




42.514870 / -98.658488

Price Per Acre:


Kyle Connot: Sales Associate NE & SD


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Sold - 3/15/2024

Kyle Connot with Stracke Land & Realty proudly presents an exceptional opportunity—a versatile shouse (shop/house) or commercial building that combines functionality, comfort, and entrepreneurial possibilities.

This remarkable property offers the perfect combination of commercial space and residential comfort. The commercial segment is thoughtfully designed, providing an expansive area suited for various business ventures. Featuring high ceilings, an adaptable open layout, and strategically placed utility connections, this space caters to retail, workshops, or dynamic creative pursuits.

Adjacent to the commercial area, discover a practical living space. Experience the convenience of residing close to your business while enjoying a distinct separation between work and leisure. The residential section is tastefully appointed, offering modern amenities, well-designed rooms, and an ambiance conducive to a work-life balance.

Outside, the property boasts generous parking and potential for customization or expansion. Whether envisioning a scenic outdoor retreat, additional storage solutions, or aesthetic enhancements, this space provides ample room for creativity and growth.

This shouse/commercial building epitomizes adaptability, allowing for customization to suit unique visions and purposes. It presents an opportunity to embrace the best of both worlds—seamlessly integrating commercial needs with the comforts of a welcoming home.

For those seeking a property that offers the flexibility to thrive in both business and lifestyle aspects, contact Kyle Connot with Stracke Land & Realty today to explore the endless potential this exceptional shouse/commercial building holds.

Approximate Measurements: Kitchen 17'6"X11'11", Living Room 21'7"X17'6" Family Room (2nd Floor)17'1"X11'1", Main Bath/Laundry 7'5"X7', Master Bedroom (3rd Floor) 17'1"X11'5", Master Bathroom (3rd Floor) 6'7"X6'4", Bedroom (2nd Floor) 17'1"X7'2", 5,400 sq. ft. garage/shop

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